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Holter Monitor test in Leicester

Holter Monitor test in Leicester

Cardiac Consulting:
Holter Monitor Service in Leicester

In Leicester, Cardiac Consulting is your reliable destination for Holter Monitor services. Recognising the individuality of every patient's cardiac health journey, we deliver personalised Holter Monitoring solutions designed to match your distinct needs and symptoms. Dr. Raj Chelliah is dedicated to furnishing you with precise and thorough heart monitoring, guaranteeing both your peace of mind and the highest quality of care.

We may ask you to do an ECG Holter monitor test if you have experienced symptoms such as:

  • palpitations

  • dizziness

  • fainting

  • chest pain

  • shortness of breath


We will ask you to do a Holter test if a routine resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) has not picked up an issue.

ECG Holter monitor tests can be done for varying lengths of time. The tests can last for 24, 48 or 72 hours, or five to seven days. The device will track your heart's rhythm and record this for someone to analyse later.

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Fitting and wearing the Holter monitor

The device itself is about the size of a mobile phone, so you can carry it on you without it affecting your day to day routine. You wear the device around your waist or in your pocket, and has three leads attached to this.

When you have the device fitted, this will be done by a cardiac physiologist. They will put three sticky patches (electrodes) onto your chest. These will have the leads connected to the device attached to them. It should take around 20 minutes for the fitting.

Fitting the device is completely painless, and you will need to wear the device both day and night. You can carry on with your normal routine and activities. Do not adjust the device without speaking to your cardiac physiologist first. During the fitting, they will show you how to remove and reconnect the device when you have a shower or bath. It is important that you do not get the device wet.


Once you have finished your shower or bath, you must reconnect the device immediately. If you are going to be wearing the monitor for longer than 48 hours, we will give you extra electrodes.

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